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Choosing Christian Education is an investment in your child's future.

At Blue Ridge Christian School we are able to educate the whole child: body, mind and soul. In a traditional setting, the curriculum is often morally and spiritually neutral at best. As Christians we believe that learning how to live a  life of loving God and serving others in His name is so important that it should be a part of our school day. Our children learn the truth in scripture, and how to apply it to their lives.  Our school is passionate about encouraging our children to desire a life of following Christ. In addition, we believe that rigorous academics  derive their strength when learning is demonstrated through critical thinking and a project based curriculum.

"Academic knowledge void of God’s teaching through Scripture does not create the caliber of individuals and thinkers who can positively impact a culture rapidly spinning out of control. Christian schooling is about the effort not only to pursue academics but also to embed them in a framework of biblical thinking that spiritually forms, reforms, and transforms."

Soul of the Culture CSC Volume 34,  number 2

Ken Smitherman, President
Association of Christian Schools International

We shall process your admission and update you with our final decision within 60 days of receiving payment and all documentation.




122 Glade Valley Church Rd

Glade Valley, NC


Tel: 336-572-2579


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